I was looking around for some innovative music and apart from the usual atonal bleepedyblob stuff I was getting a little dissapointed.

Until I found out about SKYGGE. A project by composer Benoit Carré.

It's a collaboration between Benoit, several guest artists and AI tools called Flow Machines.

The result are good sounding pop songs, but composed and performed in part by Benoit's flow machine.

I'm surprised I haven't yet found more AI assisted music composition projects (as far as I can tell) because it sounds like an interesting fit.

I'd love to see and hear some listenable live AI - artist collaborations in the future. If only I had musical and AI abilities!

But for now, SKYGGE has some awesome songs considering the background. Especially this Hello Shadow, in collaboration with none other than Stromae and Kiesza:

Check it out:

They released a full album: "Hello World". Available on streaming services (I didn't find it on CD or LP anywhere).

On the website for the album, "Hello World", there is detailed information for each track: Track by Track (helloworldalbum.com)