For my blog I use a slightly customized version of the default Casper theme.

Mostly because I include "disqus" comments at the bottom of the posts (comments are not supported by Ghost itself).

What I did to update my custom theme:

  • Create and switch to a new branch: ghost-2
  • Use git fetch upstream to get the latest branches from the original repo
  • Use git merge upstream/master to merge the original master into my branch

This will make sure I have the latest updates from Ghost's default theme, as well as my changes.

I did have a small conflict on the line where I removed the "" link in the RSS feed link.

After having done that, I cloned the repo into blog2/data/ghost/themes/casper-custom.

After doing that and restarting the blog, I could select the custom theme via the Design settings in Ghost.

Reloading everything, it turned out my comments were already working correctly on the new blog too!

Having done that, I think everything is ready to switch to the new version of the blog.