Starting as a technical consultant at Siemens, I worked as a developer on a number of small and larger projects, mostly integrating with Siemens' SIMATIC IT R&D Suite. Additionally I helped customers setup, upgrade, maintain and migrate their PLM systems. And helped them produce useful reporting based on the information contained within those systems.

After 8 years at Siemens, I started work as a full time software developer at Ex Arte. An ISV dedicated to integrating document management and process flows in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM.

Currently, I'm back at Siemens Industry Software, working to implement SIMATIC IT R&D Suite and continuously improving the quality of services and solutions delivered to our customers.

Throughout the years I've worked with the Microsoft .NET Framework and both Oracle and SQL Server databases. Together with a large number of other technologies, depending on what was needed to get the job done. Including, among other things, Windows Forms, WPF, WCF, MVC, HTML 5 and several Azure services.

Professional Experience

2017 - Present: Technical Consultant at Siemens Industry Software.

2015 - 2017: Software Developer at Ex Arte

  • Software Development of the Ex Arte Product and modules
  • Maintenance of existing applications
  • Technical consultancy (performing or assisting with installations)


  • C#, SQL Server, MVC, WCF, Azure (VM, Web App, Azure SQL, ...), WPF, HTML5
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM.
  • TeamCity

2007 - 2015: Technical Consultant at Siemens Industry Software:

  • Performing Installations, upgrades and migrations of SIMATIC IT R&D Suite
  • Implementing project-based customisations on top of the standard product, mainly using .NET in combination with Oracle databases
  • Both as a developer and sometimes leading small local and remote teams (1 - 3 people)
  • Leading workshops for partners looking to create custom developments on top of the application
  • Presales activities: setting up live demos and developing proof of concept solutions on top of SIMATIC IT R&D Suite for prospects.

Main technologies: VB.NET, Oracle (PL/SQL), WCF and HTML 5.


2004 - 2007: Professional Bachelor Electronica-ICT - KAHO Sint-Lieven Gent
2001 - 2004: Grafische Technieken (TSO) - EDUGO Campus Glorieux t.i. OOSTAKKER
2000 – 2001: Handel (TSO) – Sint-Jozefinstituut WETTEREN
1997 – 2000: Elektromechanica (TSO) - Scheppers Instituut WETTEREN


Dutch is my mother tongue.
I speak and write English fluently.

Notable Projects

On-demand projects for customers at Siemens. Usually in a team of 1-3 developers.

  • Developed an application to graphically design process flows for use in manufacturing plants, integrated into PLM.
  • Windows Forms, ASPX, Oracle, SIMATIC IT Interspec (PLM)
  • Windows / Web application for our customers to enable their suppliers to send them structured product information.
  • Application to graphically design promotional displays for products, integrated into PLM.
  • WPF, XAML 3D, Kerkythea rendering software
  • Web application to structure previously unstructured product design specifications with the purpose of migrating it from a current PLM system to a new one.
  • My role here was to plan the project, install and test and interface requirements between the customer and the developement team (2 people, remote).
  • Data Migration Project where a part of the PLM database was extracted and moved to a new setup when a part of the company was moved. This also included an interface with SAP PLM.
  • Several projects to accomodate interfacing Simatic IT R&D Suite with SAP PLM.

Other activities at Siemens:

  • Presales: Setting up demos and prototype implementations for prospects.
  • Internal Sessions: Some presentations on general technical topics (NoSql, Security in Software Development, Entity Framework)
  • Partner Trainings: Gave developer training (2 days) for partners to develop the technical skills to interface with and customer SIMATIC IT R&D Suite.
  • Participated in a workgroup to improve code quality: Introduce code reviews, best practice guidelines (coding, source control, ...)

At Ex Arte:

  • Setup automated Build and Testing using TFS and TeamCity
  • Participated in development of: Web Based Document Viewer, E-Invoicing Platform and other components of the application
  • Planning and follow up of service tickets related to product issues


  • FlacLibSharp: .NET library to read and write metadata in FLAC audio files.
  • Activity Logger: Tiny application used to quickly keep track of what I'm doing during the day

More About Me

I've been passionate about computers, and software in particular, since a young age. I started to wonder how software gets built and am still learning more about this every day.

On the operational side, I have strong troubleshooting skills and have developed a thick skin to do this under pressure.

In solving problems, I tend to be pragmatic but aware of the long-term impact decisions can have.

As a software developer I enjoy finding optimal solutions to problems. I get a kick out of creating robust software with a simple design.

I'm passionate about the quality of the software I help to build and will always look for pratical ways to improve it. This includes not only the code, but also logging, security, documentation and user experience.

I'm always curious about new technologies, but am not afraid of more "established" ones too. I will look for opportunities and new innovations where they fit. I find it important to keep up-to-date in the fast moving world of software and am a lifelong learner.

In a professional environment, I find it important to have an inclusive culture that is tolerant of failure. A failure tolerant environment encourages innovation and learning. An inclusive culture ensures everybody feels welcome and allows a diverse group of people to feel comfortable.

I can have strong opinions, and will express those in a respectful manner when I believe this will help to solve a problem. I try to be honest and open in all my communications and assume the same from others.

Though I can work alone, I believe a team is bigger than the sum of its parts.